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Lavender Buds Whole

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Our lavender comes from France. 


 Originally found in the Mediterranean countries, the perennial herb lavender, has long been prized for it’s perfume and medicinal qualities. Used by the ancient Romans for it’s healing and antiseptic qualities the name itself comes from the Latin "lavare" to wash. As a garden flower lavender is hard to beat, having fragrance, beauty and a harvest of sweet smelling blooms.

Old English Lavender, a must for any cottage garden, will grow two to three feet high given a sunny spot in well drained soil, producing fragrant greyish leaves and blue/purple flowers. It is hardy and drought tolerant too.

The more compact variety Hidcote, has darker blue flowers, grows to around a foot high and is pretty in the flower or herb garden but stunning as a low hedge that will attract bees and butterflies all Summer long.
It adapts well to growing in containers so if you place some on your patio, deck or sitting out area you will be able to enjoy it’s heady fragrance as you relax.
The easiest way to propogate lavender is to take softwood cuttings in the Spring. However, as lavender benefits from a light pruning in early Autumn these clippings make excellent new plants too as long as you protect them from frosts.

To dry your lavender, strip the leaves or the just opening flowers from the stalk and spread out in a warm place before using in pot pourris to fragrance your rooms, in cotton sprigged sachets to scent and deter moths from drawers and closets or to tuck between your bed pillows for their sleep inducing qualities.
You can also scent a relaxing and antiseptic bath by tying sprigs of lavender into a piece of muslin and letting the bath water run over it as it fills your bath. If you don’t have fresh lavender try adding a couple of drops of the essential oil.

Essential oil of lavender is used in aromatherapy to lift depression, combat tiredness and help relaxation. It has strong disinfectant properties and was even used on the battle fields of World Wars 1 and 11 to prevent infection and relieve pain when other medical supplies were low. A drop of lavender oil mixed with a teaspoon of carrier oil such as grapeseed and massaged into the temples and back of the neck will soothe away headaches. Mixed with a massage oil it is also thought to help relieve the pain of arthritis or aching muscles.
Around the home dried lavender stalks can be burned like incense sticks or burned on the fire for their wonderful fragrance.
Dried lavender can also be tied into wands, wired on to vine wreaths or used in floral art, candlemaking and many other crafts.
In the garden, in the bath or anywhere around the home lavender really is a wonderful treat for the senses!

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Lavender Jelly

Bring to boil 3cups of distilled water
Infuse with 4 tablespoons of lavender buds
Let this infusion steep for 20 minutes then strain
Combine together 2 cups of lavender infusion
1/4cup of fresh lemon juice
4 cups of sugar
Bring this to a full boil,stirring non-stop
and 1 packet of liquid pectin (3 ozs)
boil for one minute and remove from heat
fill sterile jars and seal

Jars of lavender jelly, rose petal jelly and lemon balm jelly make a great gift! Take some to a craft show and listen to comments!!

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