lucinda jenkins

Lucinda Jenkins founder and President of Glenbrook Farms Herbs and Such INC

Glenbrook Farms Herbs and Such was started in 1996 by  Lucinda Jenkins, a retired nurse who has had a lifelong passion for growing herbs and studying their medicinal properties. This led to another passion for the art of creating fine herbal soaps and the awesome subject of teas!
Lucinda loves to talk about herbs and alternative forms of healing.  Under her direction, Glenbrook Farms has survived recessions and the great dot-com  bomb and continues to grow and prosper by making sure that the customer always comes first and deserves the best from us.

Many people still ask us," where are you located?"  We are in the true center of the great state of Kentucky.  Kentucky is the biggest producer of American Ginseng, Goldenseal, blood root, black cohosh, sassafras, jewel weed, black walnut, elderberries, elder flowers.. Glenbrook Farms happens to be in the "green belt" of Kentucky which is where a lot of the Ginseng is hunted or called "sang" by the locals.

Great customer service is another trademark of Glenbrook Farms. All orders are mailed by Priority Mail or by UPS and may take 3-11 days to receive your order from the time you placed it. We also use delivery confirmation on our packages. We do not offer refunds on shipping fees. Please note that there is no promise your order will go out the same day you place the order. If need you something in hurry please call the toll free number to ask for ship time

Should you have to return the item we allow 10 days for you to notify us of your concerns or intent.
There may be a 25% restocking fee on returned products that have been given an authorization code. Please call 1-888-716-7627 to get that return code.  We cannot accept any packages sent to us without that return code. We reserve the right to impose a 20% cancellation fee if we deed it necessary to recoup losses.  By using our shopping cart you agree to these terms.

It is our policy to never release any information about our customers. We don't sell names nor any information about our customers. We have control of our business and your information!  It stays with us.
The way we see it, we have worked very hard to gain you as a customer and keep you as a customer . We are not about to sell our customers out for a dime, a quarter. Nope!! We won't even let them get a whiff of your information!!  Let them wonder!
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