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According to the note .gov! They have been researching this lichen for decades) Here is some of their information

Usnea species have been used as antimicrobial agents in many countries and were being developed as a modern pharmaceutical just prior to the advent of the penicillin antibiotics (). The crude extracts of usnic acid rich lichens (e.g., Usnea species) have been used throughout the world to treat various ailments, such as pulmonary tuberculosis, pain, fever, wounds, athlete’s foot, and other dermal lesions. They have also been used as expectorants, in antibiotic salves, deodorants, and herbal tinctures

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Besides all that newer research at the NIV believes that Usnea should be made into an antidiabetic medication. Here is the article on that from the NIh website.  Like I always say, everything you see... comes from the Earth. Medications have to evolve from somewhere.. might as well be Usnea.

Potential of Usnic Acid Compound from Lichen Genus Usnea sp. as Antidiabetic Agent


Lichen Usnea sp. is potential as a new natural medicine. This study report isolation of secondary metabolites from lichen Usnea sp. and α-glucosidase inhibitory, which is potential as an antidiabetic agent. Lichen powder was macerated using methanol, separated using column chromatography gravity and thin-layer chromatography. The crystalline was isolated and purified by the recrystallization process for obtaining pure compound. The isolated compound was determined using FTIR and NMR spectroscopy (1H and 13C). The results showed that the isolated compound was yellow needle crystals. Based on the spectra data interpretation, it was obtained usnic acid compound with the molecular formula of C18H16O7. The α-glucosidase inhibitory activity test showed that the usnic acid had activity in inhibiting the α-glucosidase enzyme with an IC50 value of 106.78 µg/mL. The usnic acid from Usnea sp. has a very good impact on the source of natural compounds as an antidiabetic drug in the future.

Keywords: Usnea sp.; antidiabetic; lichen; usnic acid; α-glucosidase.




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