tired man


Lucinda Jenkins HCLPN

This is America's number one complaint .."I'm just so tired!" Would you like to create a greater supply of vibrant energy in your life? The first step is to know some of the "energy robbers", so lets take a look at these elements that contribute to fatigue. 

Stress is the one number underlying cause of tiredness in a healthy person When the body is under stress by so many factors like a poor diet, screaming kids, ugly boss, traffic, extreme temperatures, no money & holidays, many physical changes occur. The digestive system slows down or stops so nutrients are released from the body's warehouse thus depleting the body of fuel. The heartbeat increases, the blood pressure goes up as does the cholesterol levels. There is a change in blood chemistry which increases the risk of a blood clot (talking heart attack or stroke here). 
Slow down, learn some meditation technique. This Practice will restore the bodily functions back to normal. 

Caffeine can cause tiredness because it deplete the adrenal glands and can dehydrate the body. Did you know that the brain needs water to function? The first signs of dehydration is forgetfulness and poor concentration. You need about a quart of water a day. 
Stimulants also disrupt sleeping patterns so avoid or cut down on coffee, tea, cola, tobacco. 

A diet full of sugars, fats, alcohol, processed foods, and white flour can cause fatigue. It is also laying a pathway for many diseases. Try more whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruits and watch your energy levels soar. 

Inactivity creates fatigue. Really!!! A regular exercise program will increase your energy levels substantially. If you don't use it you will lose it. 
Try to eliminate the energy robbers and then try some to these natural herbal remedies to relax and safely boost your energy levels. 
The herb Nettles is full of iron which is easily absorbed by the body thus supplying more oxygen to the cells. 
Hops has been reported to decrease the want for alcohol and also helps to ease stress and nervousness. 
Valerian root is a very good alternative to sleeping pills . It delivers a restful sleep without the "drug hangover" effect.
Kava Kava relaxes and calms the mind. 
Passion flower also has a calming effect on stressed out folks. 
You need B vitamins for a healthy nervous system. Include into your diet some of these vitamin B rich foods like brewers yeast, whole grains, brown rice, mushrooms, eggs, legumes, tuna, spinach, alfalfa, catnip, nettles, bladderwrack and chamomile. 
Until next time....
Lucinda Jenkins