cat shaped sachets

Sachets are great in any draw or under any pillow to keep your clothes & bed linens smelling fresh. I have them in every draw, in my closet & under each pillow in my bed. It makes such a difference especially in the bed. About an hour before I go to sleep each night, I take the sachet from under my pillow and break up the potpourri inside. Then I leave it in between my sheets. When I go to bed, I replace it under my pillow. The sheets smell wonderful, and the blend I use has lots of lavender for it's relaxing properties.

If you have ever made a sachet before, you know the most difficult part of the project is making the sachet especially if you don't sew. Well, I have a better idea. Use tea bags. You can buy the heat sealable tea bags or fold and staple bags from Glenbrook Farms Supply page

Bed Time Sachet Recipe

1. Combine the following is a small jar like from salsa
1/2 cup Lavender Buds
1/4 cup Red Rose Petals
1/4 cup Rosemary

2. Add in the following & stir well.
1 teaspoon Orris Root
1/8 teaspoon Lavender Oil
1/4 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon

3. Let mixture age for 3 weeks with the lid on the jar. Don't put it in the sunlight.

4. Fill the heat seal tea bags 1/2 full of potpourri. Use a warm iron to seal the bags.

This recipe is perfect for 20 tea bags. If this is going to be a gift, dress the tea bags up with some ribbon.

Wrap the ribbon as you would a gift.

Wrap the ribbon around the bag a few times, tie in the front, tie in the back & then tie the ribbon at the ends. Now you can hang it on a hanger.

In addition to using the tea bags as sachets, you can use them as simmering potpourri. Put boiling water into a mug and add the tea bag. This will make any room smell good.