Natural Remedies for diaper rash
There is nothing more precious than a happy baby. Diaper rash can ruin that perfect picture.  
Diaper rash comes from moisture contacting with warm skin. Urine and feces break down the protective barrier on the skin that occurs naturally.

To  reverse diaper rash first give that hinney some air. Keeping the bottom exposed for 20-30 minutes will help a great deal.
Changing diapers often , washing with a pure soap and water, are also suggested. If fact a pure goat milk soap is said to help replace the skins natural acid mantle which fights bacteria and protects the skin. Don't use the disposable diaper wipes because they have alcohol and other chemicals that are cause discomfort. 
If baby is a real mess just rinse the bottom off in the sink or bathwater, try not to scrub the area, soak it off.

Try giving baby some cranberry juice because it will neutralize the acid in the urine and not scald the baby so bad.

You can easily make a  balm for your baby.

Gently heat together
1 oz of calendula petals
1 oz of comfrey root
1 oz of chickweed
1 cup of olive oil or sweet almond oil

Heat this together over a double boiler or you can also put in the crock pot for a few hours on low.
(You are trying to extract all the healing properties from the herbs into the oil)
Strain the herbs out using cheescloth and then add the herbal oil to a pan to warm and add 2 -4 teaspoons of beeswax. 
Stir until the wax is melted , spoon into a clean jar and add one vitamin e capsule.
You can also use this ointment to help heal sore nipples.

If the rash occurs after antibiotics this indicates a yeast infection on the skin, call your doctor for advice.



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