Sullivan Manor


 Fine Shea Butter Shower Gels

  For Men


This is a wonderful  gentle cleansing/moisturizing body wash to pamper your skin.  We have finally found the right formula that we could be proud of! Sullivan Manor Gels are enriched with Natural Shea Nut Oil and Shea Butter Extract! It doesn't stop there. This special formula also contains aloe, calendula, and chamomile. Use an exfoliating  mesh sponge to create clouds of suds that slide across the skin. There is nothing appealing about dry , chapped, itchy skin. If your skin is dry from the winter weather , this is the product you need. Sullivan Manors gels are very concentrated and will last a very long time

The gels come in many popular scents



                                   List of  Sullivan Manor Shower Gel  Scents

smsf  Spearmint Fields Shower Gel
Wonderful wake up scent of Spearmint! This is a very invigorating shower 8 ozs
smwh Wild at Heart Shower Gel
Combination of sandalwood, leather and spice 8 ozs
smlf Lavender Fields Shower Gel
Lavender Field has the clean fresh scent of a lavender field in France
Very Relaxing 8 ozs
smis Issey Miyake(type) for Men Shower Gel
High Style Issey Miyake
Clean,Uplifting, high style 8 ozs
smis Jean Paul Gualtier(type) for Men Shower Gel
Jean Paul Gualtier type Shower Gel
Another popular clean high style scent 16 ozs
smis Bamboo Grass Shower Gel
Top notes of fresh lime, mint, and ozone; balanced with middle notes of  lavender, and with a nice base note of white musk.
smcw Cool Waters (type) Shower Gel
Popular scent       8 ozs
smwh Patchouli Shower Gel
For those who love the sultry scent of pure patchouli 8 ozs
smwh Ur-ban Cowboy Shower Gel
Combination of orange,bergamot and sage 8 ozs

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