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Happy Hoof

to help maintain a healthy blood supply to the legs and hoof 

contains: burdock rosehips, hawthorn berry, prickly ash, celery seed, rosehips



Happy Eyes

to help maintain the health of the eye

contains: billberry, eyebright,tumeric, and other important herbs



Happy Coat

to help maintain the beauty of the coat

contains: dandelion, garlic, sarsaparilla, yellowdock



Happy Stomach

to help maintain the  health of the  digestive tract

contains: slippery elm, marshmallow, fennel, licorice 


Horseshoe Helper

to help maintain the  health of the foot This formula contains white willow bark which is known to ease pain

contains:  rosehips, nettles ,hawthorn berry, white willow bark


Formula Lamini

to support in hoof strength and resiliency

contains: burdock, garlic, rosehips, hawthorn berry, white willow bark


Formula Sweet itch

to support in horses that must tolerate heat,

 flies , bug bites and fungal skin infections

contains:  garlic, rosemary, burdock, nettle ,chamomile


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