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fo3 I tried your fragrance oils and I was very pleased with the scent and the staying power!
The oils did not fade in my soaps or potpourri!
Carla O'Brien Clifton Park NY.
CP=Cold process soap ..M&P=Melt & Pour..L&T=lotion &toiletries, C=candles
Fine fragrance oils deserve to be shipped in dark amber glass!
fo4     Apple Jack Peel type ...2 ozs.

A duplication of the popular Claire Burke!  Swirls of freshly peeled apple blended with spicy cinnamon and clove

Safe for CP, MP, L&T Flash Point 200+ (Mix at low temp 90 degrees when making cold process soap)

fo3 Apple Jack Peel type 4ozs $8.50
fo39 Apple Jack Peel type 16 ozs $22.50
fo291 Bay Rum Fragrance     2 ozs
A traditional masculine scent that has been a favorite for years!
Just the right blending of bay, rum and spicy orange scent
flash point 190 ,safe for soaps,candles,potpourri
fo291 Bay Rum Fragrance 4 ozs $8.50
fo291 Bay Rum Fragrance 16 ozs $19.89
fo119 Chamomile Flowers 2 ozs.

Relax with the calming aroma of fresh chamomile flowers                    safe for soap and toiletries, not for candles

fo118 Chamomile Flowers 4 ozs $7.60
fo117 Chamomile Flowers 16 ozs $23.00

Cinnamon Sticks  2 ozs

  A spicy true cinnamon scent!  Great for Fall  Holiday projects,soaps,candles ect

fo117 Cinnamon Sticks  4 ozs $8.50
fo117 Cinnamon Sticks  16 ozs $22.00

China Rain  2 ozs  

A sophisticated blend of lilies, roses and soft clean rain with undertones of vanilla and sandalwood
Safe for soaps, candles, toiletries

fo117 China Rain 4 ozs
fo117 China Rain 16 ozs
Safe for soaps, candles, toiletries

Cool Cool Waters     2 ozs  

A sophisticated blend of lime, lemon, marine, and woody note; leaving a fresh aroma.


It smells just like the name
Safe for soaps,candles, toiletries

fo117 Cool Cool Waters 4 ozs
fo117 Cool Cool Waters 16 ozs
Safe for soaps,candles, toiletries
fo2a Coconut Island! 2 ozs
Escape to a tropical paradise as sweeps of fresh coconut fill the air!           Very true scent!    safe for CP, M&P soaps,L&T,candles
fo2ab Coconut Island! 4 ozs $7.50
fo2ac Coconut Island! 16 ozs $22.89
fo291 Honey Fragrance
A fantastic natural aroma of pure honey. 2 ozs
fo291 Honey Fragrance 4 ozs $7.29
fo291 Honey Fragrance 16 ozs $18.99
fo9 Silky Vanilla ,, 2 ozs.

a warm sweet comforting fragrance to calm the soul

fo9a Silky Vanilla 4 ozs. $7.29
fo9a Silky Vanilla 16 ozs. $22.79
fo401 Hedges of Honeysuckle  2 ozs
We looked for a long time to find a true honeysuckle scent and we finally had one made for us! Fragrant honeysuckle vines are in full bloom as the sweet scent of wild honeysuckle lingers from room to room!

Safe for CP, M&P ,c Flash point 200

fo401 Hedges of Honeysuckle 4 ozs
Safe for CP, M&P ,C, and L&T
fo401 Hedges of Honeysuckle 16 ozs
Safe for CP, M&P ,C, and L&T

Gardenia....2 oz  
This is the best Gardenia fragrance oil we have tried. It smells like a gardenia bush packed into a bottle.Safe for CP,M&P,L&T,candles

fo41 Gardenia ....4 oz $8.79
fo1 Gardenia 16 ozs $25.50

Lilac 2 ozs

Smells just like the bush

fo1 Lilac 4 ozs $8.79
fo160 Moonlight Path 2 ozs
Soft dreamy romantic
safe for CP, M&P soaps,L&T,candles
fo161 Moonlight Path 4 ozs $8.19
fo162 Moonlight Path 16 ozs $19.90
fo48 Really Rose....2 oz $5.55
fo49 Really rose....4 oz $8.79
fo49a Really rose..16 oz $23.10
fo270 Sexy MAN!  2ozs

Bold, luxurious and sexy mixes of mandarin, warmed with incense and lotus flower, exotic woods, dark violet and sensuous musk.
This is a wild musk based fragrance that entices, teases,suggests,(just like a sexy man )Safe for CP,M&P,L&T,candles Flash point 200

fo271 Sexy MAN! 4 ozs $8.50
fo272 Sexy MAN! 16 ozs $24.50
fo472 Sun Kissed Raspberry
Ripe juicy raspberry! YUM, Safe for CP,M&P,L&T,candles
fo343 Sun Kissed Raspberry 4 ozs $7.50
fo475 Sun Kissed Raspberry 16 ozs $22.50

Tahitian Wildflowers...2 ozs

Delicate scent of orchids, gardenias ,and south seas hibiscus.
Safe for CP, M&P,L&T Flash point 200

fo54 Tahitian Wildflowers...4 ozs" $8.79
fo54 Tahitian Wildflowers..16 ozs $22.55
fo54 True cucumber....2 ozs"True cucumber" fits this fragrance oil. Pure ,simple uncomplicated. If you want cucumber then this is your oil!
Safe for CP, M&P,L&T Flash point 200
fo55 True cucumber....4 ozs $8.79
fo55 True cucumber....16 ozs $26.79

This is a mellow sweet fragrance with a spicy sassy top note
 .Safe CP,MP,C,LT 2ozs

White Tea  and Ginger 4ozs
fo3ac White Tea and Ginger 16 ozs $22.50

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