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  Our list of essential oils for May 2012  

Greetings! Our high quality essential oils are gathered from around the world. We are proud to offer you therapeutic grade essential oils at a fair price! Our aromatherapy consultant has a PHD in chemistry and years of experience in the field.
eo50  Amyris Essential Oil   1 oz
Steam distilled from Haiti
Blends well with cedar wood,pine,lavender, orange, relaxing, is also called West Indies Sandalwood . It can be used as a substitute for Sandalwood
eo51  Amyris Essential Oil   2 oz
eo52  Amyris Essential Oil   4 oz
eo53  Amyris Essential Oil   16 oz
eo1a Anise, Star Oil(illicum Veruml)            Steam distilled from China
Blends well with rose, lavender, orange,used for muscle aches and pains, colds, avoid durning pregnancy 1oz
eo1b Anise, Star Oil(illicum Veruml)
Steam distilled from China    2 oz.
eo1c Anise, Star Oil(illicum Veruml)
Steam distilled from China ..... 4 oz.
eo1c Anise, Star Oil(illicum Veruml)
Steam distilled from China ......16 oz.
eo2a Basil Oil (ocimum basilicum)
Steam distilled from India
Used for bug repellant and bug bites, promotes sleep and also good memory & awareness.....     1 oz.
eo2b Basil Oil (ocimum basilicum) 2 fl ozs $10.95
eo2c Basil Oil (ocimum basilicum)  4 oz. $15.95
eo2b1 Bergamot(citrus bergamia)  1 oz.
Heavenly scent! Awesome!!
eo2b1 Bergamot(citrus bergamia)  2oz.
Heavenly scent! Awesome!!
eo191 Cajeput
Steam distilled from Indonesia.
Actions: mild analgesic, antimicrobial, antineuralgic, antispasmodic, antiseptic, anthelminthic, diaphoretic, carminative, expectorant, febrifuge, insecticide, sudorific, tonic.
Dilute in oil when applied to skin. Great for fire ant bites .............1 oz.
eo192 Cajeput
Steam distilled from Indonesia. .............2 oz.
eo192 Cajeput
Steam distilled from Indonesia..................4 ozs.
eo194 Camphor,white (cinnamomum camphora)
Steam distilled from China is said to be the scent of Warrior Angels of heaven
analgesic,antispasmodic,antiseptic,tonic.Must dilute ..........................1 ozs.


(cinnamomum camphora)..............2 ozs.



(cinnamomum camphora)..............4 ozs.

eo131 Cedarwood Atlas essential oil...1 ozs. $4.69
eo1t1 Cedarwood Atlas essential oil...2 ozs. $7.29
eo1p1 Cedarwood Atlas essential oil..4 ozs. $9.90
eo131 Cedarwood Virginia essential oil...1 ozs. $4.50
eo131 Cedarwood Virginia essential oil...2 ozs. $6.90
eo131 Cedarwood Virginia essential oil..4 ozs. $10.90
eo195 Cinnamon bark essential oil......1 ozs. $6.90
eo195 Cinnamon bark essential oil......2 ozs. $8.99
eo19 Citronella Oil(cymbopogon Nardus)1 oz
Not for internal use
eo191 Citronella Oil(cymbopogon Nardus)2 oz
Not for internal use
eo2a Clary Sage from Russia
This oil's best benefit lays in its calming and sedating influence on the nerves, emotions, female functions, kidneys and digestive system.It also helps with skin conditions like acne, boils and ulcers and cools painful muscles and joints....1 oz.
eo2a Clary Sage from Russia   2 oz
eo19 Clove oil Steam distilled.............1 oz. $7.15
eo20 Clove Oil redistilled..............2 ozs. $9.95
eo17 Eucalyptus essential oil........1 oz $5.15
eo18 Eucalyptus essential oil.......2oz. $8.29

Sweet Fennel Essential oil

(Foeniculum vulgare)....1 oz.

do not use while pregnant


Sweet Fennel Essential oil     2 ozs


eo21a Fir Needle essential oil..1 oz
from Austria
eo22a Fir Needle essential oil..2 oz
from Austria
eo22a Ginger Essential oil 1 oz
from China
eo22a Ginger Essential oil 2 oz
from China
eo19a 100%Pure Grapefruit (pink) essential oil..1 oz $7.29
eo20a 100%Pure Grapefruit (pink) essential oil..2 oz $11.29
eo19a 100%Pure Grapefruit essential oil..1 oz $7.29
eo20a 100%Pure Grapefruit essential oil..2 oz $11.29
eo1 Lavender 40/42 1 oz. $7.90
eo2 lavender 40/42 2 ozs $9.99
eo2 lavender 40/42 16 ozs $56.99
eo3 Lemon Essential Oil 1oz $4.69
eo4 Lemon Essential Oil 2 ozs. $7.19
eo2b1 Lemon Eucalyptus (eucalyptus citriodora)...1 oz $4.55
eo2b2 Lemon Eucalyptus (eucalyptus citriodora)...2 oz $6.55
eo42 Lemongrass essential oil ...1 oz. $5.99
eo43 Lemongrass Essential Oil ...2 ozs $7.99
eo5 Lime Essential Oil 1 oz. $5.69
eo6 Lime Essential Oil 2 ozs. $8.39
eo4 Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil
SD from China
Often used for acne, dermatitis,profuse perspiration. Chinese used this for travel sickness, headaches and indigestion
1 oz
eo5a Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil... 2oz $5.19
eo5a Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil....4oz $8.79
eo15a Oregano Essential Oil....1 oz 100% Pure $11.29
newp10 Palmarosa Essential oil
Possible Uses: Acne, dermatitis, dull skin, exhaustion, mature skin, oily skin, scars, stress, stretch marks. Has a Fresh, floral, sweet, somewhat similar scent to geranium oil.
1 ounce
newp11 Palmarosa Essential oil...2 ounce $13.50
eo7 Patchouli Essential Oil 1 oz. $9.99
eo8 Patchouli Essential Oil 2ozs. $15.99
eo8 Pennyroyal essential oil 1 oz. $7.29
eo8 Pennyroyal essential oil 2 oz. $12.29
e09a Peppermint Essential Oil 1 oz. $6.90
eo10a Peppermint Essential Oil....2ozs. $8.90
eo10a Petitgrain Essential Oil....1 oz. $5.00
eo10a Petitgrain Essential Oil...2 oz. $8.59
eo10a Petitgrain Essential Oil...4 oz. $14.89
eo10a Petitgrain Essential Oil...16 oz. $39.95
eo3a Rose Geranium Egyptian ( a blended rose geranium with geranium and blending agent) Favorite among candle and soap makers because of it's ability to last and not fade away but still retain qualities of rose geranium.

....1 oz.

eo3b Rose Geranium Egyptian....2 oz. $7.49
eo3c Rose Geranium Egyptiam....4 oz. $11.95
eo40 Rosemary Essential oil ....... 1 oz. $6.49
eo41 Rosemary Essential Oil .......2 oz. $8.99
e09 Spearmint Essential Oil 1 oz. $6.49
eo10 Spearmint Essential Oil....2ozs. $8.99
eo11 Sweet Birch essential oil.....1 oz
(Betula lenta)
eo12 Sweet Birch essential oil....2ozs.
(Betula lenta)
eo11 Sweet Orange essential oil.....1 oz $3.99
eo12 Sweet Orange essential oil....2ozs. $5.99
eo121 Tangerine essential oil...1 ozs.
USA Product
eo122 Tangerine essential oil...2 ozs.
USA Product
eo123 Tangerine essential oil...4 ozs.
USA Product
eo13 100%Pure Tea Tree oil....1oz $7.00
eo14 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil......2 ozs. $12.00
  * Keep essential oils out of reach of children.! Dilute for proper use.  Natural essential oils are highly concentrated, and should be used with care.



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