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A Natural Approach To Healthy Living

By Lucinda Jenkins LPNHC

High Price Gas and Bay Leaves??

The price of gas has skyrocketed and apparently so has the herb and spice market.
I was at the local *** Mart the other day and something caught my eye, a huge sticker price on a bottle of whole cloves. A brand name bottle of 1.2ounces of whole cloves cost $7.84 cents. I had to take a second look thinking maybe this was a mistake. ( that comes to a $100.40 for a pound of cloves)

I went on to the local chain grocery store and found the same cloves at the same weight at the same price. Isn't that interesting ?? price fixing? I don't know ..
So I venture out to the third store and you guessed it same price! So it looks like $6.28 an ounce is the going price for whole cloves.

NOT!!! NOT !! NOT here anyway..
Our price is $5.90 for a WHOLE POUND. Our quality is the same or superior to those others ones. They don't offer a money back guarantee ,, we do.

I have made a chart comparing prices. This is what you could expect to pay for a pound of herb from the other guys and for a pound of herb or spice from Glenbrook Farms. It is rather humorous but it proves our company slogan "Living Healthy! Living Well! It doesn't have to cost a fortune!"
Some people may feel they don't need a whole pound of herb or spice but if you spilt a pound or just get 8 ounces you are saving alot of money.

I suggest you create an order with your family and friends and then split the cost. This will reduce you food bill by a very big percentage. Family, friends, co-workers form a buying club and tell us about it. We will help you with pricing.This is our way of helping frugal folks that still like fine quality.( This article was written in 1998, prices may have changed)

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Herb Name Glenbrook's Price Per Pound The "Store's" Price per pound
Whole Allspice $7.50 $41.44
Arrowroot powder
Whole Bay Leaf
Ground Cloves
Mustard Seed
Parsley Flakes
$20.00 per 8 ozs
$159.20 per 8 ozs
Isn't that a HOOT?

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